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 Dealer for Earthworks TipisCimarron tents& Colorado Yurt in the 4 Corners area.

Factory prices + shipping

 Tipi cover sizes from 12 foot to 28 foot.

Most sizes in stock 

 Montana Lodge Pole Pine,

Tipi pole sizes from

16 foot to 36 foot.

-------Taking orders for a spring shipment from

Montana of 30, 32, & 36 foot Tipi poles. I need an order

of a minimum of 20 sets to keep shipping costs down.

--- 20% down payment to order and paid in full

before shipping. Pick up poles in Pleasant View, Co.-----

 Call to order 


   26125 Highway 491 Pleasant View, Colorado 81331

All painted Tipi covers have a name because of the artwork.
A group of Tipis combine to become a sculpture in the landscape.
Tipis are a structure that create an energy, starting with the skeleton of poles.
A hunter's painting is a power for the hunt.
A healer's painting is a power for healing.