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26125 Hwy 491 Pleasant View, Colorado 81331 

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   Tipi cover sizes, from 12ft. to 28ft.

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   "Lodgepole Pine Tipi Poles

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 Tipis are a structure that create an energy, starting with the skeleton of poles. 
How that energy is perceived is different for everyone.
A group of Tipis combine to become a sculpture in the landscape.
All painted Tipi covers have a name because of the artwork.
A healer's painting is a power for healing.
His conscious state while he paints is reflected in the painting.
Art is something that stirs a reaction in the observer.  

Artists who painted the Tipis in this photo are, from Left to right,-- Page Holland, Sunnie Holland, Nathan Osgood, Nathan Osgood, Nathan Osgood, and Page Holland.